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5 Steps to running a great birthday party:

1) BOOK EARLY - Make sure all your friends can make the party by booking early and getting out some fun personalised invites.

2) BALLOONS - You don’t need fancy arches, just some colourful balloons and banners so everyone knows it’s a party!

3) ACTIVITIES - Book a team to run some awesome activities! Take the stress of yourself and let the experts deliver activities which will engage all children.

4) FOOD - Choose either simple picky bits like pizza + sausage rolls (Don’t give a child an apple!) or to save stress get a local company to organise.

5) RELAX - Your child won’t remember if you didn’t invite their 5th aunt or sprinkle glitter over the food, they will just remember having a great time with their friends.

And if you are looking for some activities, Look no further than MultiCoach - offering a range of activities including Nerf, Archery, Football, Parachute Games and more…

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