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Multi-Sport v Football Camps

Multi-Sport v Football Camps

Choosing between a multi-sports camp and football camp for your child can depend on several factors, including their interests, goals and personality. Here are a few considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Multi-Sports Camps:

1) Multi-Sports Camps provide opportunities for your child to experience a wide variety of different activities through the day. They will develop a diverse set of skills and gain exposure to a range of different sports. This can help them develop their passion and talents beyond football, creating a well-rounded and active child.

2) Your child will take part in teamwork challenges, develop communication and grow their social skills through a range of activities.

3) No day is the same! Your child will take part in activities they have never tried and interact with new children all the time. They will have a choice so there will always be something they enjoy.

Football Camps:

1) Football Camps provide specialist coaching for football players. They will take part in drills, games and matches throughout the day and some camps may focus on specific positions.

2) If your child plays for a team, they may offer football camps. This provides opportunities for your child to build their relationships with their teammates and be ready for the season ahead.

3) Significantly improve your football skills. As your child will be playing football all day, they will be surrounded by like-minded children who are there to improve their football talent. This will push your child to work hard and concentrate to develop their football abilities.


Ultimately, both multi-sports camps and football camps offer valuable experiences for children. Assess your child’s interests and make sure to check what the local camps in your area offer. Football camps will focus on training to improve football talent, whereas multi-sports camps will focus on developing a well-rounded and active child by exposing them to a range of activities.

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